Welcome! It's great to have you here. I'm a follower of Christ and a learner of new ways. By His grace, I am gaining victory over procrastination. This is where I share struggles I face and lessons I'm learning. Join me and other sisters as we put off procrastination and put on peace.
- Beth

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Relax – Wiggle Those Toes

Relax, former procrastinators!  We walk out our daily lives on the foundation of His love and eternal life in Christ.  If we tie ourselves up in knots, we choke our new creation. The history of the word “relax” gives great word pictures that can help us get the idea of what it means to not be so tightly wound. “To make something less compact or dense… To set free, soften, reduce…  Loosen, open, stretch out.” Picture loosening then untangling the knots of a necklace.  Do your shoulders need ... Read More about Relax – Wiggle Those Toes

Relax – Start with Ultimate Rest

Is it hard for you to relax, former procrastinators? It's interesting that we struggle to do that.  For me it’s partly because there’s much I want to do – and get done.  Partly because I see myself as lacking and feel compelled to make up for my shortfalls.  Procrastination makes it worse as intentions and guilt pile up.  Do you feel the same? There are remedies for these tensions.  The most important one is trusting Jesus for the salvation of our souls.  We can never earn our way to heaven – ... Read More about Relax – Start with Ultimate Rest

Something New for You

There’s change afoot, former procrastinators ... Stay tuned for a new blog format! I have a list of topics and new ideas as long as my arm.  So no shortage there.  At the same time, I believe I’m often a little wordy for our purpose. The intent of this blog is to encourage you to do what needs doing when it needs doing – work, play, or rest. That’s biblical diligence. I share scripture and lessons I’m learning as I grow in this area. I pray it helps you in your journey out of ... Read More about Something New for You

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"Of all the conferences I've been to, yours is the most inspirational and most practical."
— Pastor's wife

Beth Sterne - Put Off Procrastination
"Of all the conferences I've been to, yours is the most inspirational and most practical." — Pastor's wife